Why use Afri-Unique Tours ? 
1. We shall offer you unequaled energy, passion and local knowledge, to develop itineraries that are not the run-of-the-mill mundane tour. Once we have had your feedback and a good idea of what your travel needs are, we shall endeavor to stitch together a customised, awe-inspiring itinerary that will remain in your memory for life.
2. Africa has a reputation for the unexpected eventuality. Afri-Unique Tours will be there to solve your problems.  The owners & directors are available 24/7 and we guarantee personal attention from the directors at all times. You are not going to be left stranded, nor suffer the indignity of being advised that there is a double booking with no additional accommodation, a vehicle that does not collect you as planned, or any similar event.
3. Nothing is offered without one of our staff having personal knowledge of the product or experience offered to you.
4. From a cost perspective, we endeavour to equal or beat any internet direct price offering, so you do not have the disadvantages of inaccurate social media comment, nor photographs that do not give a true reflection. We take full responsibility for the itinerary offered to you and immediately do our very best to rectify the problem, if not up to your expectations. A computer will not give you that support!
5. No bombs going off in popular venues, terrifying gun-wielding fundementalists, dreadful diseases such as Ebola or Zika virus. Unlike any other African environment, we even offer totally Malaria free Big Five reserves.

As a result of our personal experience built up over years of planning trips for tourists coming to Africa, Afri-Unique Tours has chosen regions, adventures, lodges and suggested itineraries in Southern Africa as a basic guide to assist you in making an initial selection towards your personalised itinerary. Distill from this site the options and provide us with a framework. We shall analyse it and based on your needs, present a few options for you to select from.    

Spend some time exploring our exciting range of safaris, experiences and destinations in Southern Africa. When you are ready, to let us know your interests, simply navigate to the Create your Holiday tab above where we'll help you organise your personalised vacation at no extra charge than if you had to book privately.

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